Lab 2 - Automatic Emergency BrakingΒΆ


Before starting this lab, review Lecture 2 to ensure you are familiar with the material.

The goal of this lab is to develop a safety node for the race cars that will stop the car from collision when travelling at higher velocities. We will implement Time to Collision using the LaserScan message in the simulator.
Learning Outcomes:
The following fundamentals should be understood by the students upon completion of this lab:
  • Using the LaserScan message in ROS

  • Time to Collision (TTC)

  • Safety critical systems

Required Skills: Basics of ROS from Lab 1, Python or C++ (or at least some programming experience)

Allotted Time: 1 week

Repository: Github Repository
The repository contains the latex source files as well as any skeleton code. Compile the latex source files to view the most up to date handout.