Final ProjectΒΆ


Review Lecture 19 for some sample project ideas.

Project Proposals: 1-2 page, LaTeX document. Include references and a timeline/plan. See Lecture 19 for project suggestions. Below is a sample proposal outline.

  1. Hypothesis: We think that doing ___ will improve the performance of vehicle in head-to-head racing because ___.

  2. Planning approach

  3. Perception/prediction approach

  4. Control approach

  5. For tasks: single vehicle, static obstacles, and two-vehicle racing

  6. Measurement: how you will evaluate your results and how you will show that what you did was useful.

  7. Timeline for task completions

Time Allocated: 5 weeks

Project Presentation: Teams have the chance to present their final project to the class in Lecture 26. The demo format is up to each team. Some ideas are live demo, videos, powerpoint presentations, etc. The teaching team should be mindful of time and allocate time for each team beforehand. (E.g. For an 80 minute lecture time and 4 teams, each team is allowed 15 minutes presentation and 3 minutes Q&A. 2 minutes are used to transition to the next team)

Report Submission: The final report should be similar to a short research paper. A fantastic example report can be found here. Refer to Grading for specifics on evaluation.