This is a semester long course. However, you can modify it to fit a quarter system or less by simply picking and choosing from the set of lectures and topics.

There are 4 main components of this course:

  1. Lectures: The course is taught in a “clab” style (classroom + lab). Classes are held twice a week, each session is 80 minutes long (60 minutes lecture + 20 minutes tutorial/lab work). Note that some lectures are shorter than others. If taught in the traditional lecture and lab settings, it would be 2 hours of lectures a week + a 3 hour lab.

  2. Labs are completed outside of class time. This is where students apply concepts learn in lecture.

  3. Races: There are 3 races, each testing the students’ application of different components of the class.

  4. Final Project: The final project gives students an opportunity to propose a problem and try to solve it using the F1TENTH Autonomous Vehicle System.

Students should be grouped in teams of 3-4 with each member carrying different skills. Team formation occurs in Lecture 5.