Grading Rubrics

Labs & Final Project

Grading rubrics for all 8 labs and the final projects can be found here. You will want to download a copy of this rubric to edit.

Note that these rubrics are available to the students at the beginning of each lab so the expectations are transparent.


The grading rubic for all three races can be found here.

Race 1 and Race 2

Total Points Possible: 100

  • 80 points if the team can complete 3 or more consecutive laps without crashing

  • (N/L) x 10 points where N is the number of consecutive laps the team can complete with crashing

  • (X/T) x 10 points where T is the fastest lap time in seconds

Set L to be the number of consecutives laps to achieve an “A” grade.
Set X to be the fastest time in seconds to achieve an “A” grade.

Note that the time intervals will need to be adjusted to your specific track.

For example, for the Levine Loop at the University of Pennsylvania, L = 7 and X = 16. A team completes 5 consecutive lap with a best lap time of 23.48 seconds. Their grade would be:

  • 80 points for completing 3 laps

  • + (5/7)*10 points for completing 7 consecutive laps

  • + (16/23.48)*10 points for best lap time

  • = 80 + 7.14 + 6.81 = 93.95 points

Race 3

Race 3 is a single elimination tournament.

  1. Give permission for the script to run.

  2. In the Race3Teams tab, list the teams that are participating.

  3. In the Race3Brackets tab, click Bracket Maker which can be founder after Help in the tool bar.

  4. After the first round, you will have to fill in the other rounds manually.

More information on the script can be found here.